The undercut, which combines traditional charm with modern flare, has become a major fashion trend for guys. It adorns red carpets throughout the globe, from style icons like David Beckham to superstars like Brad Pitt. This classic haircut is flexible and may be worn with various men’s hair textures. 

You may discover the perfect undercut hairstyle by browsing through our selection of the best haircuts in Scottsdale for guys, which features the newest alternatives and trends.

What’s an Undercut? 

A dramatic and contemporary undercut hairstyle has shorter sides and back to contrast with longer top hair. This style lets people modify the top hair length and pattern while keeping the sides and back clipped or shaved. We’re talking about long hair men undercut as well as short. 

10 Trendy Undercut Hairstyles for Men:

Whether you like fading or short undercut men’s hairstyles, we have them. The best undercut haircuts can enhance your look.

  • Short Undercut Hairstyle

The short undercut is a sleek, tidy men’s hairdo with neatly clipped sides and back. For a neat appearance, top hair is usually shorter. This style suits males who want trendy, low-maintenance haircuts. It matches most facial shapes and is suitable for professional and informal occasions.

  • Long Undercut Hairstyle

Next we have a male undercut for long hair. A long hair with an undercut hairstyle allows for imaginative styling with length on top. They are short or shaved sides and back. Men who want to show off their longer hair while keeping the sides tidy might try lengthy undercuts. This style suits thick hair.

  • Faded Undercut Hairstyle

Shorter sides and longer top hair gradually transition in this haircut. Tapering offers a clean, refined look. The fading undercut is a balanced, flexible haircut for guys. It fits different facial shapes and is suitable for formal and informal settings.

  • Classic Pompadour Undercut

This is another male long hair with undercut suggestion. The pompadour has a high, slicked-back top and shaved sides and back. Its style is aggressive and expansive. This design is perfect for a classic, eye-catching look. It suits different facial shapes and makes a bold fashion statement.

  • Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut contrasts the long, groomed top with the shaved or clipped sides. This looks bold and edgy. Men wanting a bold look would like this design. It suits heavier hair and angular faces.

  • Slicked-Back Undercut

The slicked-back undercut gives the top hair a professional look by combing it back. This hairdo suits formal and professional contexts. It flatters many facial types and emanates confidence.

  • Textured Crop Undercut

Textured crops have short tops and fading sides. It’s attractive and low-maintenance. This style suits laid-back men. It suits all hair and facial types.

  • Side Swept Undercut

The side-swept undercut looks trendy and elegant, with lengthier top layers brushed to one side. It suits diverse facial shapes and is adaptable and daily. Men seeking refinement will love it.

  • Messy Undercut

Tousled top hair and shorter sides define the untidy undercut. It is easygoing and informal. This design suits casual, stylish people. It fits all facial types and exudes youth.

  • Curly Top Undercut

Curly top undercuts highlight natural curls on the top of the head while trimming the sides and back. This style lets men with curly hair show off their texture. It balances texture and tidiness well.

The Takeaway

Consider facial form and hair upkeep while choosing an undercut. Your facial shape may help determine which design works best for you; round faces look great with more height, while longer faces look better in sleeker forms. Simple cuts are low-maintenance; fancy undercuts need barber appointments. Why not get a men’s undercut for long hair today?