Getting out of bed on work mornings is hard enough as it is, why should you then have to spend ages trying to get your hair looking ‘respectable’? Some people are just beyond the point of putting lots of time to achieve a certain look. The good news is that a low-maintenance hairstyle doesn’t need to look like you’ve given up (even if you have!).

Why Consider a Low-Maintenance Hairstyle?

The first reason we’ve already explained – you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort getting ready in the morning. You want to wash, dry, and then not do too much more before leaving the house.

You also need fewer products, which saves money and keeps your hair healthy. Ok, you can’t exactly put this money towards a mortgage, but it’s still a nice saving. On the keeping hair healthy front, you will easily avoid styling damage with a low-maintenance look.

Finally, low-maintenance hairstyles can also look attractive for men, so don’t worry that you’ll look ‘different’ if you go with a low-maintenance look.

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Examples of Low-Maintenance, Short, Relaxed Hairstyles for Men

The first example is affectionately referred to as ‘the Caesar’ – a look that is often seen on men like George Clooney. It’s fairly simple to maintain and involves getting the hair cut short at the back, allowing the front to be slightly longer while keeping it combed forward.

Another good example of a relaxed, low-maintenance style is the buzz-cut. This is a style that many men choose, giving them short hair all over the head with just enough length to comb it forward and add texture. If you want to take ‘short’ and run with it, you might even shave all over.

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Next, you can get a combination of style and texture from a short afro – think Donald Glover (Childish Gambino). This look can be as high-maintenance or low-maintenance as you want – of course, we’re pushing for low-maintenance in this guide, so this is where you will lean with your own style.

Finally, have you ever tried a quiff? This style requires you to have enough length on the top of your head to comb it back and up. Keep the sides short, however, and you’ll find that the look is easy to maintain.

Choosing a Short Hair Stylist

When it comes to finding a stylist for a short hairstyle, it always sounds boring but research is your friend – do the classic thing of ‘short hair stylist near me’ on Google. If you’re concerned you’ll get a hair stylist that will cut hair too short, the simple thing is to ask professionals of their experience levels. Have they ever worked with the style you’re requesting? Ask friends if they have anyone that they would recommend and speak to various Scottsdale barber shop candidates – you can hold your very own American Idol auditions to see who will cut your hair.

Once you’ve found someone whose style fits with what you want, make sure to let them know exactly how much maintenance you’re willing to do – it’s a lot easier for them to get the look right if they know what you want from it!

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