The best haircut you choose may change how you are and what you like. When you visit a barbershop, however, which haircut should you go for? Common haircuts in the realm of men’s grooming include the undercut and fade. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to choose the best haircut for your demands if you are unaware of the distinctions between these styles. Let’s compare the two haircut styles now: the undercut vs. the fade.

What is an Undercut?

An undercut is a particular hairstyle with long hair on the top. The hair remains disconnected from the buzzed back and sides. Many guys with thick, healthy hair prefer this cut. Although it is easy to have this haircut at your home, you can contact the best Scottsdale, Arizona barber.

What is a Fade Haircut?

This hairstyle was once popular among the US military personnel. In this hairstyle, you will have a transition from the shorter hair to the longer one. The gradual tapering leads to a seamless finish. The fade hairstyle is customizable to your hair type (such as straight hair or coarse hair). The best barber knows about variations of the fade hairstyle.

Fade vs Undercut

The Undercut and Fade Hairstyles are Different From each Other in Various Ways:

Contrast and Hair Length

The contrast between the sides and the top differentiates the haircuts.

If you have chosen an undercut hairstyle, the top hairs will be longer. On the contrary, the back and side hairs will be shorter. That is why it creates a stark contrast and provides a bold look. However, the fade hairstyle makes your hair length get tapered gradually.


The undercut hairstyle for men is more striking than fades. The hairstyle involves a harsh transition, as the top and the sides remain disconnected. Fades are more subtle due to the graded transition. Both the undercut and the fade styles add volume to your look. But, the fade will focus on the finer hair if there is a receding hairline.

Maintenance Needs and Face Shapes

One advantage of the undercut is that it matches with almost any face shape. So, if you want to make your facial features more prominent, you can consider an undercut. As it is a low-maintenance haircut, many men prefer this option. However, the men’s hairstyle fade is also suitable for any facial shape. But, you have to maintain it for a well-groomed look.

Show your Creativity With a Unique Haircut

Some men prefer a fade undercut as the most versatile choice. It means you can combine fade and undercut for a fresh appearance. Although there are many undercut fade options, the high undercut is the most popular choice. You may also pair the slick back and pompadour with a high skin fade undercut. These creative hairstyles will make you appear more masculine.

A solid understanding of the fade and undercut hairstyles will allow you to select the right one. Still, if you are confused, you may speak to your barber. They will choose the best hairstyle that looks perfect for your face shape.

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