The term ‘hair texture’ signifies the thickness and width of individual hair fibers. However, textured hair refers to the hair with a curly or wavy pattern. So, you should not confuse these terms in the world of grooming. Professional barbers help you to achieve textured hair. Although it appears to be complicated to get textured haircuts, you can try it using scissors. For instance, you may use thinning shears to texturize hair strands and get distinctive results.

Different Techniques For A Textured Cut

Barbers and hairdressers apply various techniques for the perfectly textured cut. Find a few tips on how to texture men’s hair with scissors below.


Using the scissors, barbers snip smaller slices of hair. They have to hold the scissors in the direction of the hair. Your hair will have a smoother finish instead of a blunt edge.

Weaving Cutting

This is another technique for achieving textured hair. Barbers use a standard shear to weave out a part of the hair. Normal scissors are also effective in creating steps in your hair. A tail comb is also used for this hairstyling technique.


The notching technique is intended for creating a highly pronounced texture. It is a way to cut small notches into your hair at varying lengths.

Twist cutting

Your barbers have to use hair-thinning scissors for twist-cutting techniques. The primary concept is to twist a part of your hair, which is not too thin or thick. There is no need to apply much force to cut your hair with the scissors. Most barbers focus on the root area while cutting your hair.

Which Scissors Are Used For Textured Haircuts?

Scottsdale Barbers use various tools for the textured haircut:

Straight-bladed shears

Barbers can apply the right texturing techniques while using standard, traditional hair shears. Point cutting and slicing are some popular ways to have textured hair.

Thinning shears

Blending shears, also known as thinning shears, are used for creating maximum or minimal texture. Thinning shears are best if you have thick or fine hair. However, the barber needs to be highly skilled in using these shears. They can apply twist-cutting techniques to achieve textured hair with these shears.

Some barbers use texturizing shears, which have smaller and finer teeth. They are best for softening and blending blunt lines. The finer tooth allows more blending. Again, there are finishing shears with 15 to 22 teeth. Besides, they develop a soft finish on the hair’s ends and provide you with heavy hair. Many shears are designed to remove chunkier weight. They come with wider-set teeth. The opening between teeth should not be very large to avoid aggressive cuts.

Texturizing scissors give more lift and movement to your hair. Finishing shears can be applied to the mid-lengths of your hair to eliminate unwanted weight. This weight removal technique is good if you have thick hair. So, find the best barbers in Scottsdale and have a textured haircut, which is the latest trend in the barbering world.

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