Ah, summer—the season where the sun shines bright and the fun never ends. While most are prepping their beach bods, there’s a different canvas to prepare for the warm months ahead: your summer beard. But knowing what summer beard styles to adopt can be a tricky one. If you’re interested in Beard Sculpting In Scottsdale, AZ this one’s for you. 

Trending Beard Styles for Summer 2024

The scorching summer sun may not care, but your style does, and we’ve got the beards that are making waves this season. Let’s look at some beard styles for summer and you can decide if any suit your desires. 

Short Beard with a Fade

Think precision meets rugged charm. This style takes short to a new level with graduated sides, perfectly blending into your sideburns. It’s neat without being uptight, perfect for the modern man on the go who appreciates a bit of edge to his look.

The Verdi Beard

Named after the Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi, this beard is a classic gentleman’s touch. It features a square-shaped beard with slightly pointed ends, complemented by a mustache that’s kept neat and full. It’s bold, yet refined, like the boldness of a cappuccino but with the sophistication of a Viennese waltz.

The Corporate Beard

You might be looking for the best beard styles for summer while also keeping an eye on work. This one is perfect for those who want to maintain a professional look while flaunting facial hair. This short summer beard style is neat, short, and well-maintained, just like your portfolio or your finest cashmere sweater. Suitable for any office, it’s the power beard that means business.

Van Dyke Beard

Named after the 17th-century artist Anthony van Dyke, this beard style remains a timeless choice. It distinguishes the mustache from the rest of the facial hair, accentuating the chin with a small tuft of hair. Rock it with a gothic attitude for an edge or pair it with a suit for distinguished debonair.

Circle Beard

When you’re aiming for the complete man-next-door look with a perfect balance between full and groomed, the circle beard is your loyal partner. It brings just the right amount of facial fuzz around your mouth for that warm, approachable vibe—helpful when striking up a conversation at the BBQ grill.

Balbo Beard

For those who want to push the boundary a tad bit further with a beard in summer, the Balbo is a three-piece combo — a floating mustache, a soul patch, and a separated beard. It’s for the rule-breaking trendsetter, who knows that sometimes to move ahead, you’ve to stray from the pack.

How to Choose the Right Summer Beard Style

While the above-mentioned styles are reigning favorites for the season, it’s crucial to pick one that aligns with your face shape, personal preferences, and maintenance capabilities.

Remember, a beard is as much a canvas as it is an accessory. It should amplify your character, not overshadow it. The best beard styles for short or long hair depend on the individual, so ask your barber for advice.

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