Does your skin feel rough in the winter season? Winter is harsh not just for your skin. Without proper care, your hair may lose luster and original beauty. So, maintenance is important for keeping your hair healthy and soft. Some men are also concerned about the best hairstyle in the winter. Although you may wear a beanie, you can show your hairstyle when you take it off.

Which Haircut Is Perfect For Colder Months?

You can contact those who perform the Best Men’s haircut in Scottsdale. The trendy haircuts for men in winter are:

Classic Pompadour

It is the most impressive hairstyle with tapered sides and voluminous crowns. You will have a captivating look with this haircut. Visit a barbershop and collaborate with the hairstylist for this cut.

Thick and Long Dreadlock

Dreads may make you feel uncomfortable when it is a hot day. However, this haircut will give you the warmth you need on the winter days. Many guys do not like to wear any beanie or cap in winter, while others prefer only partial head coverage.

Plain Slick Hair

If you love the hairstyle of the famous fictional character, Daryl Dixon, the slick hairstyle is right for you. The low-maintenance hairstyle will be the best choice for most men. 

Slicked-Back Undercut

The slicked-back haircut creates a highly polished look. You can combine the timeless undercut to upscale your appearance. You will look more confident with this hairstyle.

Tapered Crew Cut

This is another elegant hairstyle, which adds volume to the overall hair. The gentle taper and concise sides make your hair look uncluttered. If you need to travel frequently, you can consider this haircut.

Caring For Your Hair In Winter

You can contact your barber for any tips for winter men’s hair care and styles in 2024. Still, check the list of the most common ways to maintain the health of your hair in the colder months.

  • Focus on Hydration

Winter air makes your hair dry, and the scalp becomes dehydrated. To avoid this problem, you should drink water. You may also use a moisturizing shampoo and apply a conditioner that nourishes your scalp.

  • Consider Wearing A Cap

Headwear is good for protecting your hair from snow and moisture-robbing dry air. That is why you may wear hats made from wool or other similar fabrics. However, as these fabrics may cause breakage to your hair, you can line the hat with satin and silk. Barbers and hair experts recommend using a dry oil spray to avoid hair issues. Weightless oils will moisturize your hair and restore the shine.

  • Apply Hair Masks Every Week

Facemasks keep your facial skin healthy. Similarly, hair masks are best for preventing damaged and dry hair. It is easy to apply the mask on your hair. A quality mask will make your hair softer.

These are tips for men’s hair care and trendy hairstyles for the winter season. A professional barber can give you more ideas on maintaining your hair.