When Zeus sculpted his thunderous beard, he could hardly have imagined some of us mortals would inherit the same ferocity atop our heads. Thick hair, like a stamp of primal vigor, can be both a privilege and, at times, a perplexing puzzle to style. For the gentlemen blessed with a lush forest adorning their crowns, knowing how to style thick men’s hair can be difficult. If you have men’s thick wavy hair, for example, keep on reading. 

Choosing the Right Cut – Men’s Haircuts for Thick Straight Hair

The Undercut King: Your mane’s density deserves a cut that both harnesses and showcases its magnificence. An undercut style from the top-rated Scottsdale barber shop can be your best bet, as it keeps the bulk at the top while neatly taming the sides and back. This look is versatile, adding a contemporary edge to your robust locks.

Textured Crop Royalty: For a more modern and low-maintenance approach, opt for a textured crop. With its short, tapered sides, this cut accentuates the richness of your hair without overwhelming your face, providing a sleek and clean look that’s easy to style every day.

Styling Tools and Products – How to Style Thick Hair for Men

The Wide-Toothed Scepter: When it comes to grooming tools, a wide-toothed comb is the sovereign choice for thick hair. This will help you work through those mighty tresses with ease, reducing pulling and breakage, and ensuring that even distribution of product for a polished finish.

Pomade—Your Loyal Subject: The right pomade will be the unsung hero in your hair’s day-to-day triumph over chaos. Opt for a water-based pomade that provides strong hold without the greasiness, offering the flexibility to restyle your hair throughout the day.

Daily Hair Care Routine

Taming the Beast:

  1. Start with a hero’s shampoo. Look for a product formulated specifically for thick hair, as it will cleanse deeply, removing excess oils and impurities.
  2. Condition as you would your steed—lovingly. Thick hair benefits from regular conditioning to lock in moisture and keep it from fraying and fighting back.
  3. Leave-in conditioner for the daily braid. After your shower, massage a dollop of leave-in conditioner into your hair to further add moisture and enhance manageability.
  4. The oil is your shimmering armor. Once your hair is dry, apply a small amount of argan or coconut oil to impart a healthy sheen and minimize frizz.

Set Your Sights on Styling:

  1. Apply pomade to semi-dry hair. Work a pea-sized amount of pomade through your hair when it’s slightly damp for best results.
  2. Style with precision. Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to style your hair, ensuring the product is evenly distributed.
  3. Fend off environmental foes. A final spritz of hairspray can defy both wind and the secret plots of vengeful gods.

Your thick hair can be a captivating statement of strength and vitality. With the right knowledge and tools, you can transform that untamed magnificence into a reflection of your style and character. Like a champion wrestler who has mastered their art, rest assured that each day you face the world, your hair will be in its corner, ready to square up with the day’s challenges. Now, go forth, and enjoy the best long men’s hairstyles for thick hair!