Currently, Fades are one of the most popular and sought-after men’s hairstyles. However, among the array of Fade cuts present, there exists a particular style that has been captivating the attention of fashion-forward men – the Razor Fade. Infused with an intrinsic coolness and exuding an ultra-trendy vibe, the Razor Fade’s popularity is quite understandable. If you want to know the A to Z of a Razor Fade haircut, read ahead!

What is a Razor Fade?

The Razor Fade is an alternative to the more common Fade haircut, which features a softer transition from hair to skin. It’s a great option for males seeking haircuts that exude precision and sharpness because it stands out by showcasing only a tiny tinge of fading. The steps by which you can achieve a men’s razor fade haircut are –

  • Prep Your Locks: Start by washing and thoroughly drying your hair, as these steps establish the foundation of a successful haircut.
  • Gauge the Fade Length: Decide on the length of the Fade, which can range from short to medium to long.
  • Create the Fade: Create the first fade using clippers with the appropriate-sized guards and trimming the hair around the sides and back of the head. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Repeat the process on both sides and back until you achieve a smooth and uniform look.
  • Blend the Fade: Use an upward motion – beginning from the bottom and slowly progressing upwards to seamlessly blend the locks.
  • Define the Hairline: Opt for clippers without a guard or timer to define the hairline and the edges of the Fade. Follow along the natural shape of your hairline and make precise movements to create clean lines.
  • Texturize and Blend with a Razor Comb: Use a razor comb or a straight razor to infuse texture into your hair. Use short, controlled strokes to comb your hair in the appropriate direction while using the razor comb.
  • Trip the Top: Last but not least, determine the right length of the hair top, ensuring that it is in harmony with the Fade.

Tips and Tricks to Maintain and Style a Razor Fade Haircut

  1. Timely Touch-Ups 

To ensure that your Razor Fade looks amazing, make sure to visit the Best Barber in Scottsdale every 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that the hairdo is aesthetically pleasing and in the optimal state.

  1. Follow a Proper Wash Routine

Use high-quality shampoos and conditioners appropriate for your hair type – don’t be that person who doesn’t wash their hair often enough. 

  1. Styling Products

Apply styling products sparingly and evenly distribute them throughout your locks, dodging a compacted look. Opt for a good-quality gel or wax to get the desired style, such as a slick-back look for formal events or a textured and layered appearance for a casual vibe.