Visits to a Scottsdale, Az Barber Shop have changed over the years. We still talk to them about our lives and upcoming holidays, but the counters have become laden with more products and tools than ever before. Visit a barber many years ago and it would be all about the scissors. Now we’ll find all sorts of waxes, clays, trimmers, razors, and more.

While we all have a rough idea about the purpose and usage of various products, there’s always that one tool that keeps us guessing – the enigmatic hair trimmer. What does it mean when a trimmer is a good trimmer? What hair trimmers do barbers use?

What would a barber be without trimmers? They’re the ultimate hair-shaping heroes, working their magic in every cut. But don’t be fooled by their seemingly simple appearance. These little wonders come in all shapes and sizes, with functions that’ll make your head spin. The main question is what trimmers professionals tend to use and why.

Barbers go for top-notch trimmers crafted for heavy-duty use and precision cutting. The go-to brand in their toolkit? Wahl, renowned for its high-quality and long-lasting trimmers. Other cool cats in the game include Andis, Oster, and Babyliss. Time to clip and snip with style. These brands have been tried and tested by barbers, making them the go-to choice for many professionals. See these names in a barber shop and you’ll know that you’re in great hands.

You might wonder whether these barber shop hair trimmers are essentially the same as the ones we use at home. One look online will tell you that they can differ greatly in quality (and price). Professional-grade trimmers are the superheroes of precise and consistent cutting. With a wide range of blade sizes and attachments, they empower barbers to conquer any hair length and style. Meanwhile, home trimmers play catch-up with weaker motors and limited blade options, leaving them a bit less super for the pros.

Besides the technical stuff, barbers also weigh in on the trimmer’s weight and design. Since they spend so much time with this tool, it better be as comfy and user-friendly as a hammock on a sunny beach day. Imagine barbers using heavy trimmers all day – they’ll have guns of steel but they won’t be able to lift their arms by the end of the day. Barbers typically choose trimmers that feel good in the hands because it allows them the most precise control.

There’s another question that barbers will ask when choosing a trimmer – to cord or not to cord. Not quite Shakespeare but you get the idea. Corded trimmers: powerful and consistent, but they’re like a leash holding you back. Cordless trimmers: flexible, but they need regular charging and can be a bit flighty. Choosing between them? It’s all about personal preference and usage. Some barbers even play the field and use both, depending on the situation.

Check the equipment your barber uses and get the best experience for your hair in 2024!

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