The trends in men’s haircuts come and go but some stand the test of time. One hairstyle that has made a solid resurgence recently is the textured crop. With a blunt cut fringe and a taper or skin fade, a textured crop is truly a hairdo that you must consider to stay in vogue and look uber-cool, effortlessly. In this blog, we will check out the A to Z of textured crops.

What is a Textured Crop Hairstyle?

A textured crop is a men’s haircut that revolves around texture, movement, and form. It is a class hairdo that has gained quite a raging popularity in recent times. A textured crop can be flaunted in different ways and is always styled forward. However, you might be surprised to know that a textured crop hairstyle is nothing new and dates back to the period of Roman Caesars in Europe. Therefore, you might hear the term ‘Caesar cut’ used interchangeably for a textured crop hairstyle. Yes, it is quite surprising to believe that a two-thousand-year-old hairstyle is trending

Who Should Opt for a Textured Crop Haircut?

The textured crop hairstyle looks amazing on almost all face shapes and hair types. If your locks are fine, wavy, or straight, then a textured crop look will do the trick. But, it is not the best hairstyle for extremely curly hair, as the curls will create an overall rounder shape. However, if you still want to opt for a textured haircut with curly locks, then make sure to keep the haircut a little longer overall to enable the ‘jump up’ that happens when the hair is cut shorter.

Things to Ask the Barber While Getting a Textured Crop

The things you should ask for while getting a textured crop are –

  • The style of a textured crop length should be finger length on both sides. 
  • It should be snipped with scissors throughout with only a natural hairline – nothing too sharp.
  • The top of the locks ought to be 2 inches in length with texture added throughout the whole haircut.
  • When asking for the texture, tell your hairdresser to take some of the weight out and not utilize the thinning scissors, as this is not going to give the best results. 

Styling a Textured Crop Haircut: Beginner’s Guide

All in all, styling is the key to looking phenomenal in a textured crop. After washing, towel dry your locks until they are slightly damp. Then, spray two to three pumps of a good-quality texturizer throughout the hair to add some texture and bulk. Then, utilize a hair dryer, rough dry all around the head using your fingers to style your locks slightly forward, then add a little lift at the top. Then, apply a good layer of pomade and evenly distribute it throughout the hair to create texture and shine. 

For the best results for excellent Mens Haircuts in Scottsdale, opt for a reliable salon and you’ll soon have a style that you love!

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