The mustache is a man’s best asset. It is the quintessential symbol of masculinity and can add depth and personality to your looks. In fact, a lot of guys look so much better with mustaches than without them.

But, it is quite understandable that taking adept care of a mustache is not easy. Many times, the hairs go rogue and do not lay down properly. But, believe it or not, there are ways of training a mustache. 

How to Get Mustache Hair to Lay Down

The hair of your beard and mustache sticking out is nothing new. It is quite natural and happens to most guys, especially if your beard is thick and has a medium to short length.

The most common region where your hair can be hard to lay flat is the central part of the mustache, right under your nose. But such a phenomenon is possible in other parts too.

Now, let us check out how to train your mustache.

  1. Get Help from Beard Products

Men’s beauty and grooming has come a long way. You can find a range of beard and mustache products for better upkeep of your manly mane. 

If your mustache is soft and easy to manage, a simple beard oil can work to give your facial hair some weight and hold it down. Thus, the strands will not be sticking out in a tacky way.

On the other hand, if your mustache mandates more training, then a beard balm is the best choice. If all efforts fail, a beard wax will, most definitely, do the trick.

  1. Train Your Beard with Brush and Comb

If you want to take the all-natural route to train your mustache, then a basic hair brush and comb will be your weapon. You can combine daily brushing and daily combing to better manage your mustache and ensure that the hair strands stay put.

Combing helps to detangle the mustache and beard, whereas brushing helps in exfoliating the skin underneath. The culmination is that your mustache looks more prim, proper, and well-maintained. So, get yourself a good beard comb as soon as possible.

  1. Let Your Mustache Grow a Bit Longer

Thirdly, if the hair strands of your mustache are sticking out because of the length, you might consider growing it a bit longer. A longer mustache is heavier, and thus, stays put because of gravity. 

  1. Wash Your Mustache Every Few Days

Last but not least, if you want to train your mustache effortlessly, clean it frequently. Do not use soap, as it will dry out the skin and cause flaking, itching, and even acne under the hair.

Simply, wash your mustache with a gentle beard wash every two to three days. This will help keep it moisturized and control sebum production. This is great to ensure that your mustache hair falls flat and does not stick out.

And, of course, reading the Best Men’s Barber Blog will always help in the care and upkeep of your beard, mustache, and hair.

So, these four tips will turn you into a mustache trainer quite easily. 

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